Welcome to National Counter Terrorism Centre 

The National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) is a multi-agency instrument primarily of security agencies built to strengthen coordination in counter terrorism. The NCTC was established in law by the Security Law Amendment Act 2014, however it has existed since 2004 when it was created by a decision of the Cabinet. By law, the National Security Council plays a special role in the management and constitution of the NCTC. The NSC appoints the NCTC Director and decides on additional institutions to become members. The NCTC’s coordinating and advisory role is furthered by its location in the Executive Office of the President.

The Mandate of NCTC

  • Coordinating national counter terrorism efforts.
  • Conduct public awareness on prevention of terrorism.
  • Develop strategies to counter radicalisation and foster de-radicalisation.
  • Facilitate capacity building in counter terrorism and prevention.
  • Co-ordinate with other government agencies to provide security certifications for aviation schools.

Policy Functions of NCTC

  • Central point for developing and continually updating CT strategy/policies.
  • Engage public for counter radicalisation, coordinate the implementation of the Strategy to Counter Violent Extremism (Prevent Pillar of national CT).
  • Design efforts to delegitimise violent extremist ideology and aims.
  • Serve as the GoK focal point for engagement with CT & CVE initiatives – bilateral, regional & multilateral.
  • Raising private sector CT standards.